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Swim Meet Survival Guide

 (Invite your swimmer(s) to read this page with you)

The essentials for parents and swimmers to get maximum comfort, enjoyment & efficiency out of each meet:

  1. Prepare: Get as much rest as possible before the meet & be sensible about what & when you eat & when you eat.
    1. Parents: Pack Healthy Snacks
    2. Swimmers: Avoid heavy activity the day of and before a meet. Get to bed at a proper time (no late night gaming, tv, partying, etc.)
  2. Be on Time: Make sure you are there in plenty of time to set up your area, get your swimmer prepped & ready to warm-up.
    1. Parents: if you and your swimmer didn’t check-in when walking into the facility, make sure that is the first thing done after dropping off your stuff. It allows for a smooth flow of the meet and you may incur a fine or be scratched from the meet if not promptly checked-in.
    2. Swimmers: the time before the meet is for you to get ready to swim. There is a required Warm-up time and team meeting for you before the meet starts. Check-in, suit up, and be ready to share your team spirit.
  3. Be Ready: If your swimmer is in an age group where a Shepherd is provided, please note that the Shepherd is only responsible for your child once they have arrived at the shepherding area.
    1. Parent: It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure their swimmer gets to the designated meeting area 10 minutes before the start of their race. Listen for announcements of events preceding your swimmer’s.
    2. Swimmers: Help your parents out by letting them know where you will be if you are not resting in your family area.
  4. Swim Equipment: Goggles, cap, team suit, sunscreen, parka (optional, but nice to have) & plenty of towels. Consider getting a duffle bag to put it all in. Replacement googles and caps will be available at the Dolphin Diner. Team logo merchandise will be available at the beginning of the season.
    1. Parents: Make sure everything has your swimmers name clearly labeled.
    2. Swimmers: Bring two or more towels and sweats to help stay dry and warm. Keep an eye on your own equipment, it is very easy to lose track of it with all the other swimmers’ equipment at a meet. Family Comforts:
    3. Pop-up Tent – ~10x10. If you don’t own one, make a friend & share. Due to space constraints at both the home and away meets, we encourage families to share pop-ups. This allows everyone to have shade and space to sit.
    4. Chairs – at least for the adults. Don’t plan on sitting too long, though.
    5. Cooler packed with plenty of food & water. Meets tend to be somewhat of a food fest- prepare to share with new little friends! Pack light food, like fruits, vegetables, and nuts. It is not recommended to bring junk food and sugary drinks. Things heavy in sugar or grease cause you to burn through your energy too soon and can make you sluggish.
    6. Sleeping bag/Blanket - for your swimmer(s) to keep warm between races. (Swimmers typically wait a minimum of 30-40 minutes between races).
    7. Entertainment – games, Legos, cards, simple craft activities, etc.
  5. Cash: For replacement equipment like goggles or for the snack bar in case your cooler isn’t enough.
  6. Handbook & Pen: to keep track of your swimmer’s times. There is a page in the handbook for recording results, see pg. 36 (Our SwimTopia website will keep your swimmers’ times too).
  7. Stay Out of the Sun: the sun saps your energy because your body is trying to stay cool and repairing your skin from the damage caused by UVs.
  8. Sunscreen: for the entire family – don’t leave home without it!
    1. Parents: you will likely be sitting exposed to a lot of direct and indirect sunlight. Take care to protect yourself.
    2. Swimmers: You will need to apply it more than once at a meet, even the waterproof sunscreen comes off after a few swims.
  9. Your Dolphin Spirit! Wear your BDSC apparel.
    1. Parents: Promote sportsman like conduct.
    2. Swimmers: We strongly encourage you to support your teammates by cheering for each other.
  10. REST: The time between races is a rest period too. It’s common to have 30 min between races.
    1. Parents: if your child chooses to remain in the team area, please see that he/she behaves in a sportsmanlike manner.
    2. Swimmers: DO NOT roughhouse or play too vigorously. You want to avoid injury and burning off all your energy. Avoid excessive stretching and sleeping as it numbs your body.
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