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Family participation is a vital part of the Brentwood Dolphin swim program. Without parent help, meets cannot be run. This is a chance for you to get involved in the community and participation is expected of all families. Parents are responsible for signing-up or signing-out swimmers for all meets. Parents should be prepared to work in all meets their child is swimming, including Time Trials, Invitationals, and County. Parents are also encouraged to be mindful of the entire meet and support all swimmers even if not from our team.

Parent Duties and Responsibilities

  • BDSC is a parent run organization. Parent participation is essential.
  • Stay informed by checking with board members & family folders the pool, the website, and email daily.
  • Sign your swimmers up for or out of swim meets at our Swimtopia website.
  • Fulfill parent work obligations at meet.
  • Notify coaches and meet directors via email of absences for a swim meet as early as possible.
  • Parents need to stay off the pool deck (do not go past shallow end) during practice times (insurance policy).
  • Support your swimmer(s) and the team.
  • Help keep all children in order at meets. We are guests at the pools and we must be respectful of everyone’s experience.
  • Parents of 10 and under swimmers will be required to attend a Shepherding training session to understand the roles of a Shepherd.
  • Parents of 10 and under swimmers need to help their children check-in with the Shepherd and assist with relays.
  • If there is a disagreement with a call from an official, talk to the coaching staff for them to bring the objection to official on your behalf.
  • Help with set-up and clean up of team area before and after all meets.
  • Discuss any concerns, issues, or comments with regard to the swim team with a Board Member. The Board will then discuss, as necessary, any communications with the coaches and/or swim club members.
  • Swimmers that are 13 or under must have a parent present at practice at all times.
  • Do Not Drop-Off your swimmer(s) at the curb. Make sure practice is not cancelled once you arrive. The pool could be closed without notice due to various reasons including chemical imbalance and other unforeseen issues.
  • Pick up your swimmer(s) promptly after practice.
  • Inappropriate verbal or written language to any member of the club, including Board Members, Coaches, staff, or other parents will NOT be tolerated, and may be grounds for removal from the club.

Signing-Up a Swimmer for a Meet

All of the meets for the current season are listed on the Team Calendar page of our Swimtopia website in chronological order. Each meet has an associated sign-up link for swimmer participation. All meets are posted and open from the very beginning of the season and we encourage you to complete your swimmer sign-ups as early as possible.

*Swimmers MUST be either signed-up or signed-out of each meet by 10 pm 3 days prior to each meet. For example, a Saturday meet cutoff is Wednesday Night.

*If a swimmer becomes ill and is unable to attend a meet at the last minute, they must inform one of the head coaches and meet directors prior to the meet. The coaches need time to schedule a replacement swimmer to avoid forfeiting relay heats.

Parent Dual Meet Work Obligations

To successfully run any swim meet, it takes approximately 25 to 35 people from each team. Parents or an adult family representative should expect to work at all meets their child swims. This includes special meets such as Time Trials, Invitationals, and County. If you cannot, it is your responsibility to find a replacement worker.

Each parent worker should sign-in at the Check-In table at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the meet. Please speak with the Meet Directors if you have extenuating circumstances that prevent you from working a meet. We will make every effort to evenly distribute the work assignments to all families with swimmers at the meet.

Worker Deposit Policy

Each family is required to pay a $150 worker refundable deposit. However, failure to attend a scheduled work assignment or being more than 15 minutes late to a work assignment will result in a forfeiture of $75 of the deposit. A second infraction will result in the forfeiture of the remaining $75 of the original deposit. After this second infraction, the $150 deposit MUST BE REPAID. Failure to do so will result in your swimmer not being scheduled for ANY meets until this deposit is repaid. All future infractions will continue in this manner. This policy will be strictly enforced. As a parent run organization, we must have participation from all families for our meets to run efficiently.

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