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Handbook FAQ

If after reviewing Frequently Asked Questions, you need additional information feel free to contact one of the Board members.

What are and how do the fees support the Team?

Registration Fees cover the essential costs. such as pool fees, insurance, life guards, coaching salaries, operational costs, and equipment required to run a practice or meet.  

Fundraising Fees cover spirit events, awards, and modernizing some equipment. The initial Fundraising fee is payed at the same time as the Registration Fees. There are more fundraising events through out the season (see Spirit and Calendars)

How do I know what age group my child will swim in?

Your child’s age on June 15th determines their age group for the season. Proof of age (birth certificate) required at registration.

Does my child have to wear a team swimsuit and what other equipment will be needed?

A team swimsuit is not a requirement, but highly encouraged. We do have a selected suit that we encourage you to purchase and have your child wear at the swim meets only. The costs for suits run approximately $65 for girls and $30 for boys. Do not wear the team suit to practice - save it for the meets and the team picture. Goggles are highly recommended, and caps are mandatory for shoulder length or longer hair. Sweats of some kind are advisable. The team has swim caps, T-shirts, and sweats available for purchase during the year. The coaches have also recommended swim fins for your swimmers. During at least one practice per week we will utilize fins.

How long is the swim season?

The season runs from the end of May through the end of July. For those swimmers who qualify, there is a County Meet held in August. Preseason practice begins in mid-April.

What about refunds?

Due to pre-season administrative costs incurred by the team such as swimmer insurance, pool facility fee, evaluations fees, etc. we do not offer a full refund on any registrations, with the exception of a swimmer not making the team. If a swimmer does not make the team all membership fees are refunded minus $30 processing fee. The refund schedule is as follows: Cancellation prior to the fist day of practice (see season calendar for exact date): full refund minus $50 administrative fee per swimmer. Cancellation on the first day of practice (see season calendar for exact date) through the final day of the second week of practice (see calendar for exact date): $75 refund per swimmer. Cancellation due to injury: If swimmer is injured and unable to swim, a 50% refund will be granted, with submittal of a Doctor's note. Injury refunds are only granted prior to the first dual meet (see season calendar for exact date).

How often is swim practice?

Generally, practices will be four days a week, Monday through Thursday during the school year. Once school is out, practices are Monday-Friday (except Wednesday because of swim meets) and times will be adjusted.

The actual time of day your child swims will depend on the hours the team is able to reserve the pool and their age group. Please continue to check the calendar for updates on practice times or cancellation due to City requirements.

What does practice consist of?

The swim program is designed to instruct and refine swimming techniques for competition. It is not a replacement for regular “swim lesson” type instruction. The technical part of practice includes stroke, distance, sprint work, starts, and turns. On fun days, practice may include painting team spirit posters, water games, and relays.

Are parents allowed at practice?

Parents are strongly encouraged to observe practices, although you are not allowed on the pool deck per city regulations. Talking with coaches during practice is not allowed. If you need to talk to the coaches try before or after practice, by phone, or email.

How often are swim meets and how long do they last?

Dual meets are generally three hours in length and are scheduled for Wednesday evenings beginning at 6:00 p.m., and Saturday mornings beginning at 9:00 a.m. See calendar. Expect to arrive, depending on whether it is a home or away meet, anywhere from 45-75 minutes prior to each meet for warm-ups. Invitational meets usually begin at 9:00 a.m. and last most of the day, depending on what event(s) your child has entered.

Will my child be scheduled to swim in every dual meet?

As long as your child is signed-up for the meet on our Swimtopia website, he/she will swim.

The schedule of who swims in a meet is posted at the start of practice Thursday before a Saturday meet, and at the start of practice Monday before a Wednesday meet. However, if your child is unable to attend a meet you must sign them out at least one week in advance of that meet so they will not be scheduled to swim. It is your responsibility to enter your child in any Invitational meets.

NOTE: For families with more than one swimmer, there is no guarantee that all of your swimmers will be scheduled for a given meet.

What Events are in my swimmer’s age group?

Most swim meets are consistent for all age groups, see below. However, some meets will vary, e.g. Rio Vista Pentathlon has 9 &10’s swim 25 yards not 50. This year we will adding 50 yards Free to the list of events for 15/18’s.

6 & unders’ swim 25y for all events

7/8’s also swim 25y for all strokes, and swim 100y I.M.

9-14 swim 50y for all strokes plus 100y I.M.

15-18’s swim 100y for every event, plus 50y Free.

How are my swimmer’s times recorded and used?

You can see all of your swimmer’s results from your account at the team Swimtopia website. Entry times for swim meets are based on their best time of the current session. We also track the record times achieved by our swimmers at any meet (Team Record) and by any swimmer at meets that we host at Heritage High School Pool (Pool Record).

How will I know if I am scheduled to work a meet?

You should expect to work at every meet in which your child is scheduled to swim. The meet directors will assignment the jobs on the website the day before each meet. Once you are assigned a job, it will show in the My Account page.

What should I do if I am scheduled to work a meet but cannot?

It will be your responsibility to switch work assignments with another family. If you absolutely cannot find a replacement, contact the Meet Director(s) for assistance

What will happen if I miss a work assignment?

If a family misses a work assignment without proper notification, there will be a $75.00 fine assessed. Treasurer will report any unpaid fines to the coaches and Board. Swimmer(s) will be removed from the pool until any outstanding fines have been paid. You must notify the Meet Director ASAP of any emergencies that prevent you from working an assignment.

What are the primary positions necessary to run a meet?

Head Referee (home team) - The Head stroke-and-turn official.

Starter (home team) - Call swimmers onto the starting blocks and start the races.

Head Timer (home team) - Time all races and back-up timers as needed.

Announcer (home team) - Announce upcoming events and race results.

Shepherds (both teams) - Round up 6 & under, 7-8, & 9-10 swimmers for their events.

Timers & Recorders (both teams) - Time races using stop watches (watches are provided), verify the name of the swimmer, the event and write the times as given by the backup watch.

Stroke and Turn Judges (both teams) - Confirm stroke and turns conform to USA Swimming rules and standards set by the league. Training is provided by league.

Runner (home team) - Collect time sheets from recorders after each race and take them to the computer team.

Computer Operator & assistant (home team) - Inputs race results into Hy-Tek software and publish to meet mobile.

Ribbon Writers (both teams) - Fill in ribbon information or place a computer-generated label on each ribbon.

Snack Bar Assistant (home team)- Help set up and organize snack bar per Concessions Director. This is the major fundraiser for the team.

How do I keep up to date with the latest news?

To keep the team up to date on the latest information, we communicate over various different methods. This includes:

  • Team Website - www.BrentwoodDolphins.com
  • Email (please add the team email to your email contacts list)
  • Remind101 Text Reminders
  • Family folders, Message board, and Board Members by the Heritage Pool main gate during practice.

Please contact one of our Board members for any additional questions not answered in this section.

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