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This website is a great resource throughout the season. Swim meet participation and parent work assignments are managed online through our site, so please make sure your website login works and the information for you and your swimmer(s) is correct. Reach out to the Communications Director or the Computer Team if something needs to be changed.

Here, you'll be able to:

  • View your swimmer's current and past season swim times (through the 2013 season)
  • Sign your swimmer up for swim meets
  • Find meet related files such as meet programs and special instructions.
  • View your parent work assignments
  • View the current season's schedule of meets, practices, spirit and social events
  • Find pool locations for all swim meets
  • View 2019 Red/Blue/Gold Time Standards
  • View coach bios
  • Find answers to frequently asked questions
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Navigating the Website

To log in, go to www.BrentwoodDolphins.com and log in using your registered email address. If you have not received your password, or have forgotten it, click on "Forgot Your Password" to set up a new password.

From the home page, you can access information under the various tabs, some of which have further menus beneath them.

Hover your mouse over the greeting at the very top right corner of the home page to see a menu allowing you to access your account page.

Click on your child's name to access their record, where you can view their current, past, and best times.

On the Calendar tab, you can view the entire Team Calendar, Practice Times, and Upcoming Events pages.

The Team Calendar Page shows all swim meets, spirit, and social events. This is where you will find the sign-up buttons for a given meet.

Once you select to sign-up for a meet, Press the "Edit" button below the swimmers.

Mark whether each swimmer is attending or not and select "Save". For dual meets, the coaching staff will determine which events each swimmer will participate in.

Once sign-ups for a given meet have closed and the meet is processed, you will find all of the files associated with a given swim meet. The following are the typical files provided for a Dual Meet:

  • Meet Program: A listing of all Events, Heats, swimmers, records, estimated start time for each event, and which events have been combined. Note: If any events have been combine to save time, the estimated start times for each event may be off.
  • Combined Events: A list of heats that have been combine to save time.
  • Meet Check-in: A listing of all swimmers by age group and their heat & lane assignments. Also notes which heats have been combine to save time.
  • Any other files related to the meet will be posted here including
    • Special instructions
    • Meet Results
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Brentwood Dolphin Swim Club | Making Waves!

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